Working Party on Police and Justice

The Working Party on Police and Justice (WPPJ) is a specific working party mandated by the European Conference of Data Protection Commissioners to keep track of developments for police and justice. The objective is to cope with growing challenges for the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of their personal data.

One of the main tasks of the data protection authorities is provding opinions on data protection to the legislative authority. They do so by exposing the risks for civil freedoms in legislative initiatives and by proposing alternatives that better safeguard individuals’ rights when their data is processed.

Initiatives of the third pillar (police and justice) have demanded the attention of the European data protection authorities for several years now. The European conference therefore decided to establish a specific working party for that sector. Bart De Schutter (former member of the Authority) was vice-president of the working party. During the European conference in Luxembourg in May 2012 the data protection authorities decided not to renew the mandate of the WPPJ, since there are other institutions that work in the same or a similar context, for example the Article 29 Working Party.