Supervision of SIS processing operations

The Schengen Convention established a Joint Supervisory Authority composed of representatives of each national supervisory body.

The Joint Supervisory Authority is in charge of:

  • monitoring the technical support function of the SIS;
  • checking the implementation of the provisions of the Schengen Convention;
  • analyzing the difficulties of application or interpretation that may arise during the operation of the SIS;
  • studying problems that may occur with the exercise of independent supervision by the national supervisory authorities or in the exercise of the right of access to the system;
  • drawing up harmonised proposals for joint solutions to existing problems.

Every Schengen State has established a supervisory authority at national level that is responsible for:

  • independent supervision of the national part of the SIS register;
  • verification of the processing and use of personal data integrated in the SIS to ensure that the rights of data subjects are not affected.

In Belgium this supervisory authority is the Authority. The Authority has to ensure that the personal data introduced in the SIS register by the Belgian authorities are in accordance with the Schengen Convention.