Submit a request or a complaint

The Data Protection Authority is an independent body that ensures that your personal data are processed correctly. In addition to a regular question for information that you can ask the DPA, you can submit a request/complaint free of charge.

✅ What happens when I submit a request/complaint to the DPA?

The Data Protection Authority will always handle a request or a complaint as a request for mediation. This means that your request / complaint is handled immediately and without much formalism by the Front Office. This service will initiate mediation between the parties involved and try to reach an amicable agreement.

If no amicable agreement is reached, the original request for mediation assumes the form of a complaint that is then forwarded from the front office to the litigation chamber to be dealt with on its merits. The transfer to the litigation chamber takes place with the consent of the applicant. The front office may nevertheless, if it identifies serious indications of the existence of a practice that may occasion an infringement of the basic principles of the protection of personal data, without the consent of the applicant, the complaint is forwarded to the litigation chamber.

The complaint procedure at the litigation chamber is a heavier procedure than the request procedure. Since the Litigation Chamber is a judicial body, formal procedural rules must be respected during the procedure, such as submitting "defenses" in the course of the proceedings and offering the possibility to consult and copy the file by the various parties involved ( just like a court case). Please note, the litigation chamber can (just like the public prosecutor's office) also file the case immediately without further actions and do not follow up your complaint any further.

How can I submit a complaint/request to the DPA?

Your request/complaint must be drawn up in one of the national languages (Dutch, French or German) and the content of your request must of course relate to a problem with regard to the processing of personal data. Finally, your request must be dated and signed.

If you want to submit a request/complaint, please submit the form below to the Data Protection Authority via email (contact (at) or by mail (rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels). These forms are only available in Dutch, French and German.

Form in FrenchForm in DutchForm in German

The form must be completed in one of the three national languages. The technical annexes to the application form may also be submitted in English, in addition to the three national languages (other languages are not accepted). If this language requirement is not respected, the application will be considered inadmissible.