Security counsellor

Management has to appoint a security counsellor for the information system. The security counsellor takes initiatives and is the driving force behind the information security policy.

He is in charge of implementing the security policy. He makes proposals regarding security, determines the objectives to be achieved, provides guidance to the individuals that install the security system. He examines and studies security incidents and takes measures for improvement. He also makes sure nobody is pressurized by two individuals having opposite interests, and he is the point of contact for all security matters. He reports directly to management and is given enough money, staff, hardware and equipment to perform his duties properly.

Each of the Authority's sector committees has elaborated a form for the appointment of a security counsellor. The forms are available on this website, but they only exist in French ("formulaires d'évaluation") and Dutch ("evaluatieformulieren"), and can be found at the bottom of the Dutch and French pages about information security.