Composition of the secretariat

Staff of the Presidency

The president and vice president are assisted by civil servants directly at their disposal, the staff's tasks including secretarial support for the Authority's meetings.

Both the president and vice president act as spokesperson in cooperation with the communications officer.

General Administration

  • general management of the Authority's services  and organisation of secretarial activities;
  • representation of the secretariat;
  • assistance to the president/vice president.

Day-to-day management: An Machtens, acting administrator

Organisation and Resource Management Department

  • support in the development and organisation of management objectives;
  • development of management tools;
  • resources management.

Day-to-day management : Nils De Ridder, acting head of department

Study and Research Department

  • legal support to the Authority and the sector committees;
  • preparation of cases: opinions, recommendations and other documents;
  • follow up of cases in the context of international cooperation (Schengen, Europol, Eurodac, etc.);
  • participation in national and international activities;
  • second-line treatment of individual cases (legal aspects);
  • legal treatment of indirect access requests (access to databases of police services, the State Security Service, etc.);
  • complaint handling and managing controls/inspections;
  • legal research;
  • knowledge support and documentation.

Day-to-day management: Rita Van Nuffelen, acting head of department

External Relations Department

  • information to the public;
  • keeping the public register;
  • first-line complaint handling;
  • first-line treatment of all information requests;
  • first-line checks;
  • support to external communication.

Day-to-day management: Peter Van den Eynde, acting head of department.