Your rights in case of Schengen processing operations

The Schengen Convention recognises, in application of the data protection principles, that the data subjects have special rights, regardless of whether they are nationals of a member state of the Schengen area. It concerns the right of access, correction and deletion of personal data.

The right of access exists for any person who requests access to the information in a registry that relates to him. This fundamental principle of data protection enables data subjects to control their personal data as held by third parties.

This right is expressly provided for by the Schengen Convention and is complemented by the right to rectification if the personal data are entered as a consequence of a factual error, and a right to deletion if the personal data were entered as a consequence of an error of law.

Anyone who wants to exercise theright of access, may apply to the competent authorities of the Schengen country of his choice. In Belgium the Authority is the competent authority. The right of access is exercised pursuant to the national legislation of each country to which the request is addressed. In some countries the right of access is direct, in other countries indirect. More information can be found in the “Guide for exercising the right of access” of the Joint Supervisory Authority Schengen.

Anyone can ask the national data protection authority of the different Schengen countries for information about the access and correction system used.