The Authority's role

The Data Protection Authority, the official name of which is sometimes abbreviated as "Authority", is an independent supervisory authority ensuring that privacy is protected when personal data are processed.

It was established after the Belgian House of Representative had adopted the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data (Privacy Act).

The Authority's competences has a large and general area of competence, i.e. any form of data processing regardless of the domain in which the processing takes place and of its nature: private or public sector, automatic or other processing operation, …

Over the past few years the Authority has had to deal with a whole series of evolutions permanently impacting its way of working: the multiuplication of data processing operations, the demand for faster performance in public administration combined with the development of e-government, and a demand to issue opinions rapidly or, for the Sector Committees within the Authority, to quickly grant authorisations.

It is necessary for the Authority to safeguard its indepence and authority while meeting the expectations of a changing and dynamic environment, as stipulated in the Act of 26 February 2003 (Belgian Official Journal of 26 June 2003) intended to improve its efficiency and performance.