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In general: the processing of personal data

We are not always aware of our personal data being processed, but these processing operations play an important part in our everyday lives: in public administration as well as in healthcare, social security, telecommunication, financial services and direct marketing.
But what are personal data exactly? And which types of processing operations exist? By whom and why? More information can be found in this section.

What are personal data? What is data processing? Who is the controller? The purpose of a data processing operation

Extensive document on "Protection of personal data in Belgium"

Theme Sections

The Authority regularly receives questions on specific contexts or themes. These are looked into in our theme sections, containing a wealth of concrete information.

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The different rights

For the processing of personal data the Privacy Act provides for different rights, such as a right to access your data and have them rectified, as well as the right to object to the processing of your data.

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Cross-border transfers of personal data

In an age of globalisation data are transferred abroad ever more often, especially within multinationals. There are a few restrictions, however.

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