Privacy statement - General

Who are we?

✅ Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA)

= independent body established by the Chamber of Representatives + controller

✅ Task

= monitor compliance with the General data protection regulation and its implementing acts.

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Data Protection Authority
Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels

 +32 (0)2 274 48 00
 +32 (0)2 274 48 35

The DPA is established under the Act of 3 December 2017 establishing the Data Protection Authority.
The Act on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data constitutes together with the Act of 3 December 2017 the basis for the purposes of the organization. Both texts implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Why do we process your personal data?

You can find in the tables below for which purposes which personal data we process, why we process them, how we obtained them, how long we keep them and with whom we possibly share them.

We no longer accept notifications and no longer respond to indirect access requests of police and intelligence services. However, they appear in the tables below because we keep the files for a period.

What are your rights?

If you have a question or a problem with the way we use your information, please contact us.

If you contact us to exercise your rights, we will answer you within 1 month.

This can, exceptionally, take longer (up to a maximum of 3 months in total), but we will let you know why this is the case within 1 month.

Right of acces/right to obtain a copy
You have the right to ask us which personal data we have about you and we can in principle provide you with a copy free of charge.
Right of rectification
Do you think your data is no longer accurate or up-to-date? You have the right to ask us to correct them.
Right to object
You have the right to ask us to stop processing your personal data.
Right to be forgotten/erasure
You have the right to ask us to erase your personal data.
A question about this? You want to exercise your rights?

You have a question about this privacy statement or you want yo exercise your rights? Pleace contact us.

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Data Protection Authority - DPO
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