Reference texts on data protection

At national level

The Authority was established with the 1992 Privacy Act. The Act and its implementing decrees are the Authority's most important tools. But also for the sector committees within the Authority there is specific legislation, which can consulted by clicking on the link below.

Privacy Act and its implementing decrees

Sector committee legislation

At European level

At European level and on a global scale, too,  there are laws and standards for the protection of privacy and personal data. The link below will guide you straight to the main European legal instruments.

Council of Europe

At international level

International standards

International Standards on the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy adopted in 2009 during the Conference of data protection Data Protection Authorityers in Madrid.

OECD Guidelines

OECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data.

United Nations

Reference texts on the protection of privacy and personal data adopted by the UN.