Internal rules of procedure and transitional rules of procedure

On 20/12/2018, the Belgian Federal House of Representatives approved the internal rules of procedure and the transitional rules of procedure of the Data Protection Authority

Rules of procedure (French)Rules of procedure (Dutch)

The internal rules of procedure drawn up by the executive committee contain the essential rules concerning the functioning of the bodies and the deadlines within which information, opinions and approvals mentioned in Article 20, § 1 of the Act of 3 December 2017 establishing the Data Protection Authority must be delivered.

Transitional internal rules of procedure (French)Transitional internal rules of procedure (Dutch)

In anticipation of the definitive appointment of the members of the executive committee and given the need to guarantee the continuity of the operation of the Data Protection Authority, it has been decided that transitional internal rules of procedure will be adopted until the new executive committee enters into office.