European Conference on Data Protection

The data protection authorities of the EU Member States and the Council of Europe meet annually at the European Conference on Data Protection.

Regional and local authorities as well as joint supervisory authorities from the European Union's third pillar – the Schengen, Europol and Customs Joint Supervisory Authorities  (JSAs) - also participate in this conference, together with the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). The conference participants debate on numerous subjects related to data protection during plenary meetings, they exchange optimum working methodes and in general, they conclude the conference with the adoption of important documents.

Two working parties established at the conference are dedicated to more specific topics:

  • the "Working Party on Police and Justice";
  • the "Case Handling Workshops": international workshops for data protection authority employees, which take place twice a year and are intended to exchange information and experience on concrete cases.

The Authority participates in this conference every year. Several resolutions are adopted.