Composition of the Authority

The current commissioners' mandate started on 3 May 2013. The Authority is headed by a president, who is assisted by a vice president. They both occupy a fulltime position, whereas the other members only participate in the Authority's meetings, which take place every three weeks.
Permanent members
Mr. Willem Debeuckelaere (D)President
Mr. Stefan Verschuere (F) Vice president
Mrs. Anne Junion (F) Lawyer
Mr. Frank Robben (D) General manager of the Crossroads Bank for Social Security (CBSS)
Mr. Jo Baret (D) Honorary Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice
Mr. Eric Gheur (F)Manager of Galaxia I.S.E. and professor at the Université de Luxembourg
Mr. Gert Vermeulen (D)Criminal Law professor at the Universiteit Gent
Mrs. Severine Waterbley (F)General Advisor at DG Telecommunications and Information Society - Ministry of the Economy
Substitute members  
Mr. Dirk Van De Kelen (D)

President of the Termonde Tribunal of First Instance
Substitute president

Mrs. Mireille Salmon (F)Judge at the Brussels Court of Appeal
Substitute vice president
Mr. Frank Schuermans (D)Substitute Procurator General Ghent
Mr. Serge Mertens de Wilmars (F)Professor
Mr. Yves Roger (F)President of the Sector Committee of Social Security and of Health
Mr. Ivan Vandermeersch (D)Secretary General of the BDMA
Mr. Joel Livyns (F)Professor of French as a foreign language
Mr. Frank De Smet (D)Physician - Civil engineer

The president is in charge of:

  • the superior management of the Authority;
  • determining its policy;
  • representing the Authority:
    • at national level,
    • at international level;
  • the daily management of the Authority;
  • presidency of the Authority's meetings or meetings of its subgroups;
  • presidency of the Sector Committees by law;
  • coordination between the Presidents of the various Sector Committees.

Members can also be appointed to represent the Authority in working groups and international supervisory authorities.

Several sector committees are active within the Authority. Each of them is competent for a specific sector, and half of their members are also members of the Authority.

Such a variety of tasks requiring quite some studying and preparation, the Authority and the Sector Committees are assisted by an administration, the "secretariat".

The Authority draws up an annual activity report.