This area of activity is closely linked to the Authority's information mission.

This area of activity relates to the Authority's information mission and targets four groups:

  • the authorities,
  • the private sector,
  • citizens,
  • controllers (natural or legal persons).

The Authority's tasks in this domain comprise:

  • informing individuals, regardless of whether they are data subjects or controllers;
  • exercising the right to access and rectification (indirect access);
  • processing notifications;
  • keeping the public register;
  • handling complaints, which can imply providing information;
  • responding to questions asked by individuals and controllers;
  • report to Parliament annually.

The Authority provides assistance to both public bodies and controllers by complying with requests for preliminary informal consultation. Consequently, privacy requirements are already taken into account during the development of projects. Moreover, the Authority also assists data subjects when exercising their rights by providing information about these rights and the procedure they need to follow.

In the context of international data flows the Authority provides assistance to organisations with transborder activities, which includes participation in international working groups establishing binding rules for personal data protection (e.g. the elaboration of  "Binding Corporate Rules", …). Just like for national processing operations the Authority assists any data subject involved in transborder data flows.