Conference of the Association francophone des autorités de protection des données personnelles

The"Association francophone des autorités de protection des données personnelles" (AFAPDP), which was founded in 2007, unites 27 data protection authorities of 24 countries that are members of the “Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie” (OIF), (Albania, Andorra, Austria , Belgium, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada (federal), Canada (New Brunswick), Canada (Quebec), Cape Verde, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Tunisia), including the Belgian Authority.

This relatively new organisation, located in the buildings of the French data protection authority in Paris (CNIL), has the task of promoting cooperation and training initiatives between French-speaking countries in the field of data protection. It wants to offer room for guidance and exchange to newly established data protection authorities and also is a source of expertise for countries who do not have a legislation concerning data protection yet.

This new organism of the Francophonie has also planned to participate in the dialogue with international organisations like the UN, the European Union or the APEC (“Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation”) about the elaboration of privacy and data protection.

The AFAPDP has been granted the status of observer in the work of the Consultative Committee of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data of the Council of Europe (Convention 108).

Every year the Association francophone des autorités de protection des données personnelles organises a meeting for all of its members. During this meeting the perspectives and course are set for the following operating year. It also organises a yearly collective seminar, intended as a forum for  information exchange and the discussion of current topics. The Authority actively participates in these seminars by informing the attendees about important issues which the it was confronted with the previous year.