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The Data Protection Authority

The Data Protection Authority (DPA) is an independent body ensuring the protection of privacy when personal data are processed.

The DPA is the successor of the Commission for the protection of privacy as of 25/05/2018 and was established  by the Belgian Federal House of Representatives with the Act of 3 December 2017 establishing the Data Protection Authority.

Model identity card

The inspector-general and the inspectors of the Data Protection Authority must be in possession of the proof of identity of their office when carrying out their duties, which they must present promptly upon request



As a data protection authority the Authority is not alone in Europe: there is a counterpart in every EU member state, which the Authority closely cooperates with in order to come to harmonised European positions and learn from colleagues' experiences. At a global scale, too, the Authority has a few counterparts and maintains contacts, both in working groups and during conferences.

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